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EFIDiag, Tecnomotor, FCAR and Sice

Lambda Automotive Products

Our extensive experience in the automotive sector, allows us to anticipate the needs of repair professionals, both for workshops and for roadside assistance companies.

This competitive advantage translates into the design and manufacture of specialized equipment, compact and adapted to the latest technologies. Compatible with mobile devices and with the Lambda Automotive guarantee.

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Tecnomotor Products

We import for Spain and Portugal the products of the firm Tecnomotor, Italian brand of recognized prestige in the sector and pioneer in the automotive diagnosis. For that, through Tecnomotor Ibérica, we offer the entire equipment catalog of this exclusive manufacturer: diagnostic equipment, gas stations, air conditioning charging machines, etc

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FCAR Products

Through FCAR Europe, we import and distribute the multi-brand diagnostic equipment and portable steering aligners from FCAR. The latest technology together with the most avant-garde design go hand in hand with the machines of this innovative Asian manufacturer.

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Sice Products

The prestigious Italian manufacturer Grupo Nexion, through its subsidiary SICE, putsat your disposal its range of equipment products for the workshop: Elevators, dismantlers, balancers, ADAS sensor calibration systems, etc. Through SICE Ibérica you can know its catalog exclusively for Spain and our highly qualified professionals will advise you on the best solution for your workshop

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