Diagnosis Support

We offer you technical assistance and tele-diagnostic service so you can solve any problem.

Technical assistance service

Specialized technical consulting service for all types of automotive professionals.

Help in updates and machine functions

If you have questions about the updates, we help you download and install them on your computer.

Help with interpreting error codes

We send and clarify the error code descriptions that the diagnostic machine can throw at you in your day to day.

Sending electrical diagrams and component positions

We send you the electrical diagrams you need as well as the positions of the vehicle's components.

Control of incidents / inquiries

We attend inquiries by phone, email and from the incident web platform. Control your incidents from any device.

Advanced orientation to problem resolution

We help you to solve the problem of the diagnosed vehicle by putting at your disposal all our means and available information.


We connect remotely to your computer to perform the necessary operations to solve the problem, configure software, etc.

Telediagnosis Service

Specialized technical consulting service for all types of automotive professionals.

The remote diagnosis service* is aimed at workshops that need to reinforce technical consulting. It is a remote access to the workshop’s diagnostic equipment to assist in the repair of the damaged vehicle; We provide those encodings and adjustments on the vehicle that involve greater difficulty.

Thus, the mechanical professional will see their work reinforced, by sharing the fault with another technician, who will provide a second expert opinion.

Contact our technical service, without obligation, to carry out a free trial of the remote diagnosis service.

*Remote connections will always be made with prior analysis by the technician.

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