Specialized courses in automotive electronics (injection, hybrid systems, electric vehicles and much more)

Train yourself in automotive electronics, train for the future

The automotive sector is constantly evolving, forcing repair professionals to be fully up-to-date when it comes to the operation of new technologies and systems incorporated into vehicles.

Although the diagnostic tools allow the professional to know what problems exist in a vehicle and the components that are affected, it is essential to understand the operation of these elements, as well as how to solve the problems in the most efficient way, therefore that it is necessary for the repair professional to have continuous training.

To meet the needs of continuous training, Lambda Automotive offers, among its services, the delivery of training courses in automotive mechanics and electronics.

Currently, Lambda Automotive has a complete catalog of courses that allow the automotive professional to acquire all the necessary knowledge in relation to automotive diagnosis, basic automotive electronics, gasoline injection, diesel injection, ABS, Airbag, Air Conditioning , Air conditioning, etc.

Lambda’s training offer consists of face-to-face and online courses through an online classroom.