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Servicio Lambda ColegaColega Services are some services offered by Lambda Automotive for automotive professionals and that are intended to be an indispensable helpdesk for the use of equipment and solving problems detected with this equipment. Colega is divided into the following services:

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TAS (Technical Assistance Service)

Specialized technical consulting service for all types of automotive professionals. For customers who have purchased one of our professional diagnostic equipment the technical consulting services is included during the first year.

Among the services provided by our call center are included:

  • Advanced help fot the tools use:
    • Drivers and software installation..
    • Software configuration.
    • Help for updates.
    • Help for the main functions use and also for the advanced functions of the equipment (errors reading, on line data, activations, codings, settings, etc.).
  • Send and explanations of error codes descriptions provided by the interface or equipment.
  • Send of electric diagrams and vehicle components position.
  • Basic orientation to the resolution of the problem with the diagnosed vehicle (interpretation of error codes and parameters).


he remote diagnostic service is intended for those workshops that need to reinforce the technical assistance with a remote access to their diagnostic tool in order to help them in the vehicle reparation and in the more difficult codings and settings to do on the vehicle. So the mechanic has the feeling that he’s sharing with other technician the vehicle trouble in order to have more confidence because there are two people analyzing the trouble and the mechanic has a second opinion.

If you like to carry out a free test of the Telediagnositc service, you can contact with our TAS without any commitment.

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