Electronic Repairing

reparacionLambda Automotive offers to all its customes a service of electronic repairing for automotive electronic components (ECUs, electric steering, instrument panels, etc…) and for automotive remapping (ECU cloning, immobilizer cancellation, increase of engine performance, Airbag ecu resetting, etc.).

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Replacement and/or repairing of vehicle electronic components

  • Repair of engine ECUs, ABS, Immobilizer, etc.. (sulfated, welding, power amplifiers, replacement of faulty components, etc.).
  • Repair of electric steering (steering angle sensors, torque sensors, aración de direcciones eléctricas (sensor de ángulo de giros, sensores de par, componentes electrónicos, bombas, etc.).
  • Repair of dashboards (needles, displays, controls and keypads, electronic components, etc..).

Vehicle Remapping

  • Engine: Cloning, resetting, perfonmance improving, power increase, fuel consumption reduction, immobilizer cancellation.
  • ABS: Reset to factory software.
  • Dashboard: Reset to factory software. Mileage coding for dashboard change.
  • Body computer (BSI, etc.): Ecu coding, reset to factory software, linking with other control units.
  • Airbag: Reset to factory software, errors deleting.
  • Inmobilizer: software cancellation, coding, reset to factory software.

If you’d like more information about our services of electronic repairing and remapping, please don’t hesitate in contact us.