efiasistencia_v2Efiasistencia is a software solution for all types of tow truck companies, which allows a complete and efficient management of services and vehicles fleet.

It does not matter the size of the company or vehicles fleet, since Efiasistencia satisfies all management needs and without the need for initial investment. Payment for use. Pay only for the services you manage through our solution and access all the Efiasistencia functionalities from as many terminals as you want without any extra cost.

Technical assistance service for customers which use Efiassistance solution. This service is included with the solution maintenance and it offers the following features:

  • IRemote installation of Efiassistance applications. Our technicians take care of the installation of the applications and complements thar are needed for the correct running. The installations are made in all the PCs and mobile devices that the customer requires.
  • Training course about the applications use. Analogously to the software installation, the training course is made in a remote way. So our technicians have a conference call with the customer and through remote desktop tools show the use of the applications and train to the customer.
  • Doubts solution about the application use.
  • Solution of problems related with the applications and their use.

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