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Consulting, UX and development of Android, iOS and multiplatform apps.
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Specialists in Automotive software and Mobility solutions

From web applications and native applications for mobile devices to CRM and ERP management programs , we are leaders in I+D+i projects for the Automotive and Mobility sectors.

Our philosophy is to promote custom development, high quality and accessible from mobile devices, with the firm intention of reducing process costs.

Global approach throughout development

Concept and strategy

We analyze your business, your users and potential customers.

Technological stack

We select the technology that best suits the project.


We use agile methodologies making sustainable and scalable products.

Publishing and distribution

We take care of the distribution of the product and define plans for its dissemination.

Technological stack

Our long professional career has allowed us to gain experience in most programming languages. We are specialized in the most modern web technologies and native languages for mobile development.

Back-end technologies: Python with Django and PHP.

Databases: PostgresSQL, MongoDB and MySQL.

Prototyping, UX/UI: Figma, XD and Photoshop.

Front-end technologies: JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and frameworks like ES6, VueJS and .NET.

Mobile technologies: Java, Kotlin and Swift.

Stack-tecnologico lambda automotive

Agile and Scrum methodology

Thanks to the Agile methodology , we adapt and make the way we work and communicate with our clients more flexible based on the definition and specification of each project.

Within each project, through the Scrum technique (present in the Agile methodology ) we define and measure the objectives to carry out viable, effective and easily scalable projects.

Work process

  • 1


    Analysis, needs, information and ideas.

  • 2

    Analysis and feasibility of the project

    Study of the project, assessment of technologies and deadlines.

  • 3

    Proposal presentation

    Design and prototyping of the project and/or the MPV.

  • 4


    Materialization of the design and prototyping.