EFI Asistencia continues its internationalization process

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Thanks to the support of Icex, with the Icex Next program, and to the Chamber of Malaga, with the Xpande Digital program, we accelerated our internationalization project.

In 2022 at Lambda Automotive we have set ourselves a goal: to take our assistance service management software solution, EFI Assistance, to the rest of the continents and develop new functionalities that allow us to have the best solution in its sector. As you already know, EFI Assistance is a software solution, developed by Lambda Automotive, for optimal and efficient management of roadside assistance services, taxi and VTC services, and home services.

Thanks to the integration with the computer systems of almost all the roadside assistance companies that operate in our country, EFI Asistencia is a benchmark at a national level with a penetration in more than 800 roadside assistance, taxi and VTC companies. This has allowed us to grow internationally in recent years with its deployment in various countries of the American continent (Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Canada) and has meant that we can market solutions within the EFI Assistance Suite. for other sectors such as Taxi & VTC companies, as well as home assistance companies.

Following our path of internationalization of EFI Assistance, during the next few years the priority of the Lambda team will be to reinforce the current international presence and discover new attractive markets for roadside assistance. In this sense, this year we have started an expansion project for EFI Asistencia thanks to the Icex Next program of ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones and the Xpande Digital 2022 program of the Malaga Chamber of Commerce.

Successful case: AXA Canada

The beginning of EFI Asistencia in the Canadian market in 2020 was a complete surprise for us and a reaffirmation that our clients are our best prescribers. The key to starting our internationalization process in Canada was through AXA Partners Spain and, more specifically, through our collaboration with AXA Colombia.

logo axaIn 2020 we began to work with EFi Asistencia, through our network of AXA Partners contacts and the work they carried out in other countries such as Spain or the American continent. The experience with EFI Asistencia is, without a doubt, a good experience. We use a multitude of channels and means of communication to respond to our main queries. Among the most demanded are those related to support for configuring new providers in the tool or making small improvements to the process.

Complete solution for the management of assistance services

EFI Asistencia allows complete and comprehensive service management, from receiving the incident to issuing the invoice to the insurance company, as well as managing the company’s vehicle fleet.

We are currently the software provider that integrates more insurance companies and assistance companies. This competitive advantage allows our clients to manage a multitude of jobs with the same tool, which translates into increased profits. In addition, the reception and management of services is carried out in an automated way, ensuring fluid, secure and constant communication with customers. On the other hand, the design and usability of the application allows the tow truck or taxi company to connect to it from any device with an internet connection (computer, tablet and smartphone).

In addition, through our EFI API you can safely obtain the information of the services that are managed through EFI Asistencia, thus integrating them with the rest of the company’s applications.

Main milestones of EFI Support

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